The important thing to remember about mathematics is not to be frightened.
Richard Dawkins
Why Math?
“Mathematics is food for the brain”

Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Math helps us explore problems in whole new ways! Find out more about why it is so valuable by clicking on the cards:

Increases Overall Intelligence

Math requires abstract and concrete thinking, which leads to the development of brain abilities and, with practice, improves other academic pursuits.

Develops Neural Pathways

Mathematics enhances your analytical and problem-solving skills, ability for systemic thinking, improves your logic, and prepares you to handle unfamiliar tasks with ease and confidence.

Exercises Your Brain

Just like any muscle, the brain needs to be constantly engaged and exercised: it gets stronger any time you do math, be it solving problems, understanding new ideas, or proving theoems.

Helps You Recognize Mistakes in Arguments

Math helps you learn to recognize mistakes in thinking and errors in arguments: it helps you identify when people are lying or trying to cheat you.

Helps You Handle Data

The world is filled with more and more numbers, patterns, and data: math gives you the important tools you need to make sense of it, and use it in your life.

Develops Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills, while useful in experimental or practical settings, are also highly prized by employers in all fields.

Improves Communication Skills

The study of science and math develops both verbal and written communication skills: you become better at expressing a logical argument, persuading, presenting, and debating.

Gives You Versatile and Transferrable Skills

The skills you pick up while learning math and science can be applied to any profession: you won't have trouble finding employment in different sectors since a foundation in math opens doors to many careers.

What iMath Offers
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

Albert Einstein


Tailor an individualized approach to the needs of every student

Instill confidence and encourage students to evolve their learning beyond just mathematics

Equip students with a strong foundation which will serve them in tackling the rigor of high school and college-level courses

Provide periodic evaluation to enhance continunous improvement by determining areas that require support

Establish a clear line of sight for parents by communicating student progress and problem areas


K-12 tutoring for students of all grades/levels
Individual lessons
Small group lessons
PSAT Support
ISEE and SSAT Prep
"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein

"Irina has been a wonderful math teacher for my son, who has just started 10th grade. She made a meaningful difference in his understanding of and proficiency in the key topics, which will help him build a strong foundation for the future. I highly recommend Irina and her IMath tutoring business!"

David S

"We tried many different teachers and math schools, including RSM, before finding Irina. The search for the perfect math lessons for our family is finally over. Irina is warm, caring and genuinely concerned about kids' learning experience and performance. The group sizes are small and kids get plenty of individualized attention, and also get a chance to have fun with their peers. During the recent lesson I overheard my son say "wow that was fun", something that he never said before about math. My kids have become confident math students and problem solvers in no small part thanks to Irina."

Bloomenthal Family

"More than just an excellent math teacher for all levels of math -- which of course she is -- Irina has a way of engaging the students and making them take ownership and responsibility for their math education and beyond."

Lucy L

"Since my first lesson, it was clear that Irina is experienced and knows how to tutor very well. With just a few practice problems, she identified the topics I needed to work on for the SAT and helped me determine my next steps for studying. Her endless supply of math tips, tricks, and shortcuts were essential timesavers when I took the test. In lessons, Irina explained any tricky problems clearly and kept me engaged and focused, even though math is not at all my favorite subject. She was so supportive and helpful throughout the entire process and made me feel prepared, not stressed, going into the test. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!"

Michelle L

"I came to Irina struggling with my BC Calculus class and teacher. Through her simple explanations and kind demeanor, she helped me understand the material and excel in the class. Furthermore, she helped me prepare for the ACT, in which I got a 35 on the math section. Irina greatly boosted my college application!"

Yohanathan M

"The math lesson with Ms. Irina is about stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new things. It is also a great opportunity to go over your school homework if you need help. Ever since I started lessons with Ms. Irina, my math skills have improved so much. It makes school work so much easier which in turn improves my grades."

Neve, 7th Grade

"Ms. Irina is kind and never gets mad if you make a mistake. Even when the problems are difficult she still makes the lesson fun. When you can’t solve a problem, she helps you get through it. We do math Kangaroo tests in the middle of the year and she prepares us for it. My math skills are much stronger now and I am ahead of most of my classmates."

Marty, 4th Grade

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe."

Galileo Galilei

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